Put the Iron to the Cattle if U Tryna Eat Steak


2:21 pm 100′ Hose: Post Incendium curre bene…?

4:22 Persuadeo: I just woke up and you are hurting my brain.

4:22 Confector Acervorum: Bust

4:22 C.A.: Didn’t work out.

4:23 100′: Sorry. That sucks.

4:24 P.: Oy.

4:24 C.A.: Eh

4:25 C.A..: Kinda unraveled there at the end

4:26 C.A.: Down to 30 people had about 30k was slight chip leader 300/600 was a bad level

4:26 C.A.: Kept running into AQ v Ak type situations

4:28 Gargamel: Yep tourneys are higher variance than cash, which are plenty swingy

4:30 100′: Yup.  Best path to minimize variance is a job.

4:30 C.A.: Best path to minimize variance is a gun.

4:30 C.A.: Ya one spot I should’ve folded AQ lost 9k in chips that was kind of the key hand

4:31 100′: Sux. Was it all in from EP short stack, you called from mid and some nit shpped behind?

4:31 100′: That is an AQ tourney fold

4:32 C.A.: No this decent young asian player open raises utg 1500 at 300/600

4:33 C.A.: To me that is a pretty wide range

4:33 C.A.: He’s got 9000 chips

4:33 C.A.: I’m in big blind with AQ

4:34 C.A.: I was just gonna call but what threw me off with this older Asian guy with 15000 calls on the button

4:34 C.A.: And this guy was turning over some weird ass hands

4:35 C.A.: So I wasn’t tryna get in some weird three legged AQ trap flop

4:35 100′: You 3 bet?

4:35 C.A.: So I bumped it to 5000

4:35 C.A.: Kid goes all in old asian folds

4:36 C.A.: Have to call kid has AK

4:36 C.A.: flop was all low rag

4:37 C.A.: So if old guy was out I would’ve either won that pot or lost 3500-4000

4:37 100′: Not too terrible, but coulda raised to 9000 though.

4:37 C.A: lol huh?

4:37 C.A.: what are you talking about?

4:38 C.A.: I shouldn’t have been so aggressive with AQ in that spot

4:38 G.: What made you think he was wide when he opened?

4:39 C.A.: i’ve played with him before he morw kind of play by the book but he’s kind of a pussy he’s not doin crazy stuff

4:40 100′: He has 15 BB, he’s probably not super wide from EP, but he might fold AQ or <1010 if you take away all his perceived fold equity and force him to put it all in.

4:40 C.A.: I really was only afraid of AK there

4:40 C.A.: He’s limp shoving with AA KK

4:41 100′: You were going to call any shove. Why not put him to the life decision.

4:41 P.: Probably go conservative against this guy but a theorist would say you did well.  Tough ending.

4:42 100′: Just a thought. Sounds like you played ok.

4:42 C.A.: Raising 9000 looks weaker than reraising 3x

4:42 100′: Who cares what it looks like.  It ends his tourney.

4:45 P.: Good point.

4:42 C.A.: He’s not a bad player

4:43 G.: If he’s a puss UTG, next time you can just fold AQ

4:44 C.A.: What it looks like is pretty important when you’re deriving part of the value in your play from him folding

4:45 100′: Agreed, but he’s more likely to fold to all than some. A button call there is a squeeze op for you.

4:44 C.A.: And you have to take into account the button caller has 15k

4:44 C.A.: He was playing kind of weird

4:45 C.A: So let’s say I make it 9k and then he goes all in

4:45 C.A.: Now what?

4:46 C.A.: I agree normally but like I said he was kind of unpredictable and he had a lot of chips

4:46 C.A.: That’s a bad combo

4:46: C.A.: Yes I should’ve just called

4:47: C.A.: Can’t really fold there in big blind with AQbrands

4:47: C.A.: When someone makes it 2.5x

4:49: C.A.: Then I lost another big flip all in pre I had AK other guy QJ

4:49: C.A.: went from final table to short

4:49 100′: That sux

4:49 C.A.: Happens

4:50 100′.: What’s a good point?

4:51 C.A.: Can’t go conservative man… u gotta put the iron to the cattle if u tryna eat steak

4:52 C.A.: Happens

4:52: P.: Raising bigger.  Sounds like the Amber Alert is over.

4:52: 100′: Ha

5:09 P.: Thinking it through, no one is folding their utg range vs. the Confector.

5:10 100′: Then fold?

5:10 100′: Flat?

5:11 P.: Either one.  Fucking tournaments.

5:12 100′: So raise bigger, fold, or flat.  Helpful.

5:13: P.: You got it.

5:15: 100′: Given Confector’s perceived range, does guy call a shove with A10?  Does he have A10 in EP range.

5:22 P.: Neither

5:36: 100′: Tricky spot.








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