The Back Room

Welcome to TBR, a private study and communication space for poker.

To inquire about membership, contact me through me through any channel, including my coaching page. New members should acquaint themselves starting here. Introductions here.

Bet Sizing will be the overall theme at TBR for 2019. Growing the three “Micro” subforums, which are naturally intertwined and so grouped together, should take up the bulk of our attention.

The Out of Position PPPoker Club (#505400) is up and running – find details in the forum or contact

C3, Bet Sizing begins November 16. Contact me or look in TBR for details.

OOP Course Update


Note: I am retiring the OOP Lexicon, at least for now, and placed the last version into its TBR thread.

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The Back Room is a private forum for Persuadeo poker students and allies. Your place in The Back Room is earned through participation. Your task is to grow TBR as an efficient, participant-driven poker learning site.