The (Poker) Zoo, Ep. 1: Porter

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For once I can keep this short. OOP: The (Poker) Zoo is a podcast I’ll be developing with Dean Martin and the rest of The Back Room

There’s quite a few podcasts out there, so why listen to this one? Well perfect, maybe you shouldn’t. The Zoo is, above all, for and about members of The Back Room, the participant-driven poker forum I loosely oversee.

I’ll be interviewing the active members of TBR all year and finding out what they are working on and seeing if I can do anything to help. That’s the mission.

I owe a debt of thanks to Dean for helping produce The Zoo. In a way, though, that’s perfect, too, because my practice and this podcast are for people like Dean. He’s a big man, in the meaningful way, someone who takes care of his family, who is an entrepreneur, who keeps his head down while maintaining his own views, and who, by the way, puts in some serious hours at the table to add to his income.

That’s a real poker player, and that’s many of the people I aid as a poker coach: successful in life and now want to be successful in their hobby. Yes, there are the pros and aspiring pros I work with, but if they are sage, they know who low and mid limit poker is about and who it is for.

Schedule and many other things to be determined. Feedback especially welcome in these early days of the project.



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