The (Poker) Zoo, Ep. 6: Jason

This week features Jason Burge, who has very actively studied within my coaching circle since the inception of The Back Room, having taken both the Easy Game Group and both Construction courses. Jason has reached the biggest games in his surprisingly active poker home, Detroit.

Hand History: 2/5 live, 9 handed, $500 effective. EP, HJ, CO limp, I limp button with T9o, BB checks. Pot is 25, flop Q97r. HJ bets 10, I call. Pot is 45, Turn 9h. CO bets 25, call. Pot is 95, River 5. CO bets 100.

CO has been a very passive player in this session.

Listener note: I am still tweaking how the podcast is hosted and distributed. If you are having problems receiving it for the moment from Itunes or Sticher et al, have patience. The pod will always be available here on the blog, regardless.

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  1. They run 5/10 and 10/20 frequently in Detroit. This dude is always at a 2/5 table staring at his phone and topping off his stack… What happened to taking shots at the biggest games because he is at the top of the player pool?

  2. I haven’t seen this frequent 5/10 game, but with all the movies I’m watching lately I’m not surprised I’ve missed it. However, I always situate myself such that the 10/20 game is in my direct line of sight. That way, when I reach back into my pocket for more chips to add on, I can give the table a cocky smirk.

    Anonymous is right though–it’s been too long since my last shot take at the 10/20 game in Detroit. I last played it in March 2019. I have been on the list several times since then, but it can be difficult for the shot-taker to get into this game. The set starting lineup, single table, and low turnover rate are all steep barriers. I haven’t allowed these barriers to keep me at the 2/5 level however, as I have played a fair number of hours at the 5/10 level on PPPoker.

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