The (Poker) Zoo, Ep. 2: Luka

Episode 2 of the Zoo features Portland reg Luka Vitasovic. His story is a West Coast one, taking him from where Ed Miller got his start in South Seattle’s Muckleshoot Casino, through the dregs of low-stakes, high-rake California games, to the under-appreciated poker scene of Portland, Oregon. Luka shares with us about his many coaching experiences, which run from Lou Krieger to Matt Berkey’s S4Y Academy.

We also discuss an interesting hand where he gets out of line, taking max value from a mediocre hand against a talented player. Was it good or bad? You decide, he’ll count his winnings.

Discussion Hand:
Villain opens $10 on Btn
SB calls
I call BB Kc9s
Flop: Ks4d5d
SB checks
I check
Villain bets $15
SB calls
I check/raise to $65
Villain calls
SB folds
Turn: 4s
I bet $100
Villain calls
River: 4c
I shove for $400
Villain calls

2 thoughts on “The (Poker) Zoo, Ep. 2: Luka

  1. Excellent episode. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the nitty gritty in-fighting of an in your face Merge, but I hate that other people get to hear such an interesting analysis.


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