The (Poker) Zoo, Ep. 9: Fernando

This week’s guest is the infamous FAO – Fernando Ortiz. He’s been through the Easy Game Group and the Solve For Why Academy, helping make him a solid winner in his games. We talk Vegas, trading, Face Equity, and a multi-way spot facing an unexpected flop lead.

Stakes 1/3

S3 ($900) young asian male, gf beside him
S4 ($300) newly sat
S9 Hero ($705)

S3 L/C $55
S4 $10/$55
S9 $55

Flop ($164) [Ts][5c][2c] S3 $125
S4 Folds
S9 Calls

Turn ($414) [5s] S3 $200/Calls
S9 Shoves $525

A piece by Fernando on OOP.

Kat Martin on the low-level vegas grinder.

Persuadeo at Vegas Nit Central Command.

2 thoughts on “The (Poker) Zoo, Ep. 9: Fernando

  1. This was great FAO! Funny that I have known you for almost 2 years through PL chat and TBR, but I really knew nothing about you or your Face Equity. :)

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