The (Poker) Zoo, Ep. 8: Julie

This week on the Zoo, founding TBR member and cash game player Julie McGrath. She tells how she got into poker, both live and online. There’s a little GOT talk, naturally, and then we discuss a multi-way spot she played on Global.

100 NL 6 max

UTG open $3 ($87)
MP call [Ks][Js] ($100)
SB calls ($45)
Pot $10
[Kc][7h][Qs] UTG bets $6 I call and SB calls
Pot $28
[As] UTG bets $12 I raise to $40 SB folds and UTG goes all in for $37 more I call

Julie McGrath on Twitter

Porter’s Video (TBR member access)

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