PZ 54: Local Private Game, Corona Style

private game

I turn to none other than our co-host and production magic man Dean Martin to get the scoop on the Covid pandemic’s effect on the home game/private game scene. Poker has always been in a grey area legally, but with new wrinkles come new opportunities. Dean takes us through all of it, down to competing food offerings. We also get into some live low-stakes strategy. Speaking of, here’s a related Pro Tip: use your fingers and thumb to count to five.

Not everyone stays home, of course; check out this piece on leaving the states for the game.

Dean and I have talked together on the pod several times now, including one of the most popular Poker Zoo conversations wherein I break down how to learn poker in a confusing and misleading industry.

$2/5 game $10 ‘mandatory’ button straddle

4 (460) hero AdJh r45
6 (650) c
folds around
(100) Ah8sTh
4 414 B40
6 605 r135

6 is 25 yr old female that often overplays her hand. AT+, 99+ she would typically 3b pre so I put her on smaller Ax, 22-88, Kx,Qx,Jx straight or heart draws

I think she sees my smallish c bet as weak and this is a good spot to 3b & charge the draws. Thoughts?

Here’s another fun spot

$1/2/5 game 8 handed

5 (600) b20
6 (400) c
8 (800) c
3 (450) hero 57dd already has 5 in so puts in the extra $15

68Tdcs (80)

3 (430) x/r145 Hero mistakenly thinks he’s flopped a straight
5 (580) b35/c
6 f
8 c/f

Ks (370)

Hero realizes that he mis-read his hand. Do you ever bluff shove here to continue the story?

2 thoughts on “PZ 54: Local Private Game, Corona Style

  1. Excellent episode. Kris ask questions and patiently listens to responses, as opposed to most interviewers who rudely interrupt. Dean has one of the coolest voices ever, and is a helluva nice guy.

    On another note, Deans knowledge of his opponent in the AJ hand is implicitly encoded so his sub-systems, which are millions of years old, knows how to respond when he hears rustling leaves; fundamentals go out the window.


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