The Poker Zoo, Ep. 48: Doug Hull and the Easy Life

Doug Hull

The Zoo continues to talk to poker coaches, with this week’s guest being Doug Hull of the popular Red Chip Poker low-stakes training site. Doug was one of four original founders, which also include James “Splitsuit” Sweeney, Solve 4 Why’s Christian Soto, and of course the “noted poker authority” himself, Ed Miller. Doug tells us about his unusually well-ordered life in poker, including his involvement in the “F.I.R.E” approach to life planning. We learn from Doug how RCP got started and hear about some of its challenges. Doug closes with his thoughts on how all of us need to get along at the poker table.

If you are going to play, you might as well win. Winning poker is not intuitive, the self-taught poker genius is a myth.

Everything you need to become a winning player is written. Read Ed Miller, Doug Hull and Matt Janda.  The information is right there. However, the leap from reading to fully understanding and implementing is huge. That is where a coach comes in.

When Ed Miller was my coach, he showed me some conceptual roadblocks that were stopping me from playing better. I never would have seen them myself. I will do the same for you.

I teach what I know: low-limit, live, no-limit Texas Hold’em. 95% of all poker players lose in the long term. I can teach you to be on the better side of that line.  I do not have some huge multi-million dollar success story, but I am able to consistently book wins.  You can too.

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  1. TBR road trip to Manila anyone?
    My car’s in the shop, but I will certainly chip in my share of gas.

  2. It is difficult not to have a healthy dose of admiration for a maverick, and some island in Asia is a major upgrade from the Orleans.


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