PZ 47: Alvin Teaches Poker Coaching

poker coaching

Alvin Lau returns to the Zoo to talk poker industry and to continue our series covering the coaching for profits scene. We go over both coaching successes and failures, and investigate their causes. Yes, Alvin gets in some direct thoughts about other training sites, but his attitude has clearly changed as he settles into a now established poker coaching practice. With the quarantine boom in full swing, we also mull the reasons to play, how much to play, and when, maybe, to put it on the line against the big guns.

You can find more about Alvin’s coaching at his website, Overnightmonster.com, as well as on his Youtube channel.

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Dean opens the show with a short chat with Greg Porter and his Scientific Poker Strategy webinar.

As a side note, the OOP games continue to expand, adding some SNGs and more cash sessions. It’s not the easiest game and won’t help you take direct advantage of the “boom,” but its purpose as a deepstack trainer is working out well and has been a lot of fun. Contact oop.pppclub@gmail.com for more information.

Stay safe.

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