The Poker Zoo, Ep. 44: Lukich Out Loud

lukich out loud

Micheal Lukich returns to the Zoo, and a lot has changed for him. Michael is playing bigger, winning more, and has come into his own as a participant in the poker community. For the student of the game, he has created a poker learning website worth looking at. He’s made public appearances on the controversial Solve For Why show Poker Out Loud. Michael is a data guy so we spend some time reviewing his work on flop texture, but get the inside scoop on POL as well.

Check out Lukich’s earlier appearance on the Zoo.

I had been thinking about a bigger poker-related project for a while now. I started developing my strategy in the 2nd half of last year, and I’ll certainly be working on that through 2020 (and possibly beyond). In creating it, I did have one concern – I wasn’t sharing my thoughts broadly to challenge my thinking. Sure, I have shared some of it with my smaller poker circle that I have developed through Solve for Why. But that’s not going to fully give me broader criticism that I need to push me for success.

So that’s how this website idea was born. I ultimately wanted to expand the audience for my work primarily as a way to share my perspective and challenge my thinking. I am not sure what it’ll turn into, but my initial plan is to publish something weekly. Some weeks will be a shorter post or an idea I’m working through, while others will be a full-fledged presentation on a subject I’ve spent significant time working on.

I’m excited to engage with the community in a different way. 2019 was amazing for my growth as a poker player. I met some amazing people and broke through some plateaus that I’ve been struggling with for some time. I’m hoping this project is a way in which I can continue the upward trajectory and (hopefully) make a positive contribution to the thought process of others along the way.

FYI: There’s still time to sign up for what will be a game-changer for many of you: Porter’s Scientific Poker Strategy webinar on March 21st. Find out more here.

Also, the OOP club game continues to run and will expand. We currently play deep stack microstakes game for fun and practice, but will be adding more games in view of the necessary downtime. Contact us at

Good luck to everyone in the crisis. I’ll be upping my podcast rate to provide something to listen to.

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