The Poker Zoo, Ep. 42: DGAF about the Abyss


This week’s Zoo brings us to a well-known but still somewhat anonymous player who goes by the moniker DGAF. As you’ll hear or have been hearing through his podcast Sessions, he actually GAF about quite a few things. He’s presently in the fight of his life as he attempts to grind his through troubles, debt, and ultimately, out of poker itself. Although I don’t personally know him, DGAF’s poker story shares many themes with my own, so this interview was far from perfunctory. (You might even note some the similarities in how I described my games back when I wrote more). Enjoy as we discuss his changed, post free-fall life, as well as hit on some hot-button issues in the game and for him personally.

There are many ways to get involved in DGAF’s saga, including purchasing Poker Rags gear, becoming a “patrone” of his pod, and joining one of his online communities.

Also, a little reciprocation, DGAF-style, for podcast fans: This interview is part of an exchange, and so you can listen to him interview me on Sessions (if you can find it – the new organization of the podcasts is a little confusing for older episodes.)

One other note: for those of you who enjoyed DGAF’s epic three-part interview of Abe Limon, be sure to check out Episode 15 of The Poker Zoo, which foreshadows his recent suspension from Twitter.

You are strong enough for now to keep surviving/maintaining most of your sanity on your tiny island. You’ve been in this spot with your back up against the wall (a palm tree?) plenty of times before. And unless you spark some sort of extended heater (you’ve sparked a couple in your career but both times ****ed off all the money you should have saved/invested/taken nosebleed shots with/etc), you imagine you will be here again at least a few more times before it’s all over… It’s ok. It’s who you are and who you have always been. You fall down a lot- but you always get back up. You are both clumsy as **** and resilient as **** that way. Oh well, maybe tnite will be different…

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