PZ 41: Scientific Strategy with Porter


Special edition today, focused on OOP’s partner coach, Greg Porter. Greg will present a webinar titled Scientific Poker Strategy: Using GTO+ to Explore and Design Robust Strategies on Saturday, March 21st. Having established himself as a successful professional player, this last year Greg has been quietly expanding his poker coaching practice: this seminar is one of its fruits. We discuss an additional video analysis Greg made for TBR about a spot versus me; talk more about the OOP training game; then round it off with some poker culture and strat stuff.

As a student of the game, you learn new ideas and encounter novel situations, but it’s challenging to formulate a coherent strategy and adapt dynamically. Perhaps you’re familiar with or at least aware of modern poker tools like solvers, but aren’t sure where to start, can’t interpret their output, or use them unproductively. It’s important to study efficiently and effectively so you can have more time to play and play your best.

Late in the pod, you may be startled when Greg breaks the 3rd wall (or what wall is it exactly?) to make sure you know what he’s reading; I’d imagine someone this worried about detail is a good poker coach.

Here’s the video we touched on during the podcast:

The seminar is scheduled to run about two hours and the fee is $225. Yes, it will be available later in case this date doesn’t work for you. Check out the details for Scientific Poker Strategy.

12/2020 note: The seminar is available but not through the site at present, as we make some changes. Contact Porter to get it.

You can also email Porter directly at porter.pkr@gmail.com or this contact form will work as well:

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