The Poker Zoo, Ep. 39: The Poker Guys

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Grant Denison and Jonathan Levy help me kick off 2020’s Zoo podcasts. Known as the The Poker Guys, Grant and Jonathan have a voluminous profile of content, from Youtube videos which include a very fun Portland RFID game, to an extremely in-depth, hand-history focused podcast. I delve into the origins of their partnership and get their opinions on working as active poker content creators in an scene not without criticism and dissonance. We talk a little Portland, one of the most interesting scenes in American poker.

Of course, the Poker Guys go over their new book, How Can He Fold???, available through their site linked here and the usual distributors.

(FYI, as Jonathan mentions Alvin Teaches Poker, I have two interviews with Alvin for the Zoo; check those out for an introduction to the rising coach and Youtuber.)

How Can He Fold??? has a simple structure: we present a poker hand that was played for monster stakes by the world’s best players and, as the hand progresses, we have conversations about the players’ decisions and (sometimes) how they should proceed.
At the end of each chapter, we’ll wrap up with some key takeaways from the hand. These are concepts that we’ve identified as important, and they may be something you can apply to your own game.

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