The Poker Zoo, Ep. 37: Dean

Thank you for making us the fastest Growing Poker Podcast!

Merry Christmas to all Zoo listeners! I close the year appropriately by interviewing the true hero of the Poker Zoo podcast, co-host and “announcer guy” Dean Martin. I kick things off with some overdue ranting about the blinkered poker community, then Dean coaxes out some of my plans for the podcast. We close by analyzing some hands Dean recently played, looking for some overall themes to help him – and anyone else – out of their rut.

Thanks to everyone for listening to the Poker Zoo in 2019. Best wishes, and good luck at the tables.

Hand 1:
NL 2/5 1 limper, I r20 w 77ds in BU, BB is only caller

(45) 6c9c8s x, b20, c
(85) Kd x, x
(85) 7h 160 ? He takes forever counting out his 160 in chips, I say – what are you doing over there – he says, making a big bet…

Hand 2:

5/5 NL 900 eff 4 limps to me 9 r35 A4dd, 3 & 6 call
(115) Ah5hAc
9 b35

(215) Qs 3 leads for 75, f, 9c

(365) 9d 3 leads for 175

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