The Poker Zoo, Ep. 30: Ken Kohl on Vegas Cash

Today I speak with Ken Kohl, a long, long-time mid-stakes Las Vegas cash game pro. Kenny went through something of a rejuvenation last year after attending the liberating Solve For Why Academy, and has entered the second half of his career with a fresh perspective on how he and Vegas plays (and should play) poker. He also has a keen eye for what’s going on along the strip, and gives the audience and potential pros a good idea of what they have in store for them. (Chris Konvalinka, take notes.)

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  1. It would have been worthwhile to hear how attending the Academy specifically changed Kohl’s game play, and his understanding of the game. He indicated that it changed his attitude, and apparently some of his fundamentals. Details would have been interesting.

  2. Another good interview. It was good to hear how a natural predator (that’s a compliment, not a pejorative) views the poker ecosystem, it’s corrupted hierarchy in the bigger games. I also enjoyed hearing how an adult in the game creates a workable ecology, hence life-balance.

    Cheers to Ken, and Persuadeo.


    1. Fantastic interview. Ken is a close friend and he was candid and honest about every topic you covered. This was the first time I’ve heard of your show, but will not be the last time I listen. The barbershop quartet was awesome. You should do more of that

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