The (Poker) Zoo, Ep. 3: Fausto

This week on the Zoo, Fausto Valdez. Fausto is immersed in poker, and just marked two years in as a professional player.  We discuss his life and challenges, as well as go over a hand he played at the Sands.

Fausto Valdez, member of TBR, coach at Red Chip Poker, and Solve For Why acolyte.

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V (8-900) 15 late pos, volatile
V (800) sb calls, value heavy
H (cover) bb calls A5ss
Pot 40

Vx Hx V20
All call
Pot 100

Vx Hx V40
Vf H200 Vc
Pot 500

H350, V ???

About persuadeo

Chris Murray, poker player and low stakes coach. persuadeo@gmail... etc.

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  1. That was a fun ride. And we had the thrill of a perfectly timed ambulance siren to add tension and drama to the hand.


  2. Very interesting and enjoyable discussion. Fascinating to hear how you have worked your way up, and continue to grow your game. The hand was pretty exciting there at the end!

  3. We might need a few of the creative thinkers in the group to suggest the creation of a moving fund, to get Fausto to South Beach, in exchange for coaching and use of a room in his pad when the fund creators decide that visiting south Florida for that wonderful food, sunshine, and beaches sounds like a great idea – when wouldn’t it? Ok, good talk :-)


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