The Poker Zoo, Ep. 29: Porter

Episode one guest Greg Porter returns to the Zoo. We talk about his post-WSOP shift to Ignition online, discuss the talented streamer Invoker, and confront an interesting hand in TBR that’s really not about the hand. The podcast closes with a hint of what’s come at OOP. Greg also runs the Out of Position PPPoker Club (#505400) with me.

For now, at least, a bunch of us play extremely deep NL20 for practice and fun – what’s better than punishing your friends in poker. Contact one of us for details and instructions on how to get involved.

To leave an audio comment, talk with Dean about BBQ or his great home state of Pennsylvania, leave a message at (410) 775-6224‬.

3 thoughts on “The Poker Zoo, Ep. 29: Porter

  1. Very interesting. I loved the concise explanation of the danger of poker racism, via the A30 hand.

    It is very clear to me, as it is to you both, that when someone takes the attributes of a group, which they incorrectly assume is homogeneous, and assigns those attributes to an individual (or individual hand) they create space for all manner of incorrect judgments, ideas, axioms, etc moving forward.

    We need a plague :-(


  2. Hi persuadeo,

    How can I join your PP home game? Is it open to non-TBR members?
    Sign up to PP and ask to join the PPPoker Club (#505400)?


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