The Poker Zoo, Ep. 28: Fausto

I check in with player and coach Fausto Valdez, who has made big life changes since we last spoke to him on on episode three. Fausto just completed a long-planned move to L.A. with his girlfriend; his website is up; and – surprise – he’s been caught working with a solver. We talk about the L.A. games, how his style has co-evolved with his Solve For Why influence, and review his WSOP.

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  1. I finished listening to the rest of the interview this morning. I enjoyed hearing your assessment (my anecdotal evidence mirrors your statements) of the regs you’ve encountered. Regardless of age, weapons are useless to those not willing to fight. And what is worse for the Millennials is that the Helicopter Moms raised them on soft-surface playgrounds, which is not conducive to having fight.

    Weapons free. Get in there and fight!

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