The Poker Zoo, Ep. 24: Jason

The Poker Zoo Podcast was created with intention of keeping track of TBR members and others. Today we return to online and live cash player Jason Burge, whom we talked to in Episode 6. Jason, an avid experimenter, has continued to tinker with his game, but is increasingly spending time in PPPoker games. Under the JamBasket name, he’s created some fun videos where he demonstrates understanding his club game opponents through some very simple metrics.

We also talk about a live hand where an aggressive player bombs check bombs it, putting TPTK to the test.

2/5, 9 Handed, BTN straddle to 10, 1k eff. I open AKo from 5 to 35, 7, 9, and 2 call. Flop KQ9r. 9 bets 165 into 140, I call. Turn Qx. Check check. River 7x. 9 bets 500 into 470.


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