The (Poker) Zoo, Ep. 17: Rob and His Blog

Rob S. has accrued a nearly unique record of the post-Black Friday live poker scene at the heart of the West Coast game, Las Vegas and California. We talk about poker, his blog, and his observations on the state of what might be the most important pool of players in our game – the novice stakes which feed our scene.

We conclude with the anatomy of a cooler.

$300 buy-in, ~$270 left, early position I open to $12 with JJ. After a call a guy makes it $35. He was new to the table but I’ve played with him before and have a vague memory of him being a bit loose, not especially aggro. The caller had a huge stack, I hadn’t seen him get those chips, he was a loose caller but also not aggro. I call, caller calls. Flop is KQJ, 2 diamonds, Jack on the board is a diamond I check, caller checks, preflop three-bettor puts out $85.I called. The other guy then shoves! The pre-flop raiser shoves.

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