The (Poker) Zoo, Ep. 13: Andrew


Known appropriately both online and in TBR as Derdonker, Andrew is fresh off the latest Easy Game study group, and rapidly becoming the volatile live force he wants to be. We discuss the San Jose games, his learning path with Fausto and Solve For Why, heads-up poker with a disgruntled vlogger, and playing on the Stones stream. We finish with a late-night bomb pot hand, including some key line construction points.

it was a bomb pot and i’m in the sb. eff stacks 500
20 each, 9-handed, so it’s 180 in the pot, and the flop is 543r.
i’ve got 96o. it checks all around. turn is a 9.
so i lead 30. it goes fold, fold, fold, then shove, fold, fold, fold back around to me.

Andrew versus Ari at Denny’s

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