The (Poker) Zoo, Ep. 10: Lukich

Michael Lukich, new member of the The Back Room, has a strongly rejuvenated interest in poker. We talk about his path, his coming attendance at the S4Y Academy, but most of all, his first video for TBR, Flop Characteristics and their Effect on EV. There are many flop simplification analyses and efforts in poker circles but Michael’s particular work to detangle value from noise and find some conclusions caught the forum’s eye.

We finish with a finely played hand by him from the Vegas 2/5 games.

I have $1300 in front of me and open the HJ with T9ss to $20. SB has a stack of $800 and 3-bets very small to $45, I call.

Flop ($90 in pot) is 9c8d7s. He leads out small-ish to $40. I raise to $160 with my pair plus OESD plus backdoor spades. He calls.

Turn ($410 in pot) is Td. He checks and I bet $125. He tanks and decides to call.

River ($660 in pot) is 7c. He checks. I jam for his effective stack of $470.

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  1. Another excellent interview. I’m glad people are too damn lazy to use the nuggets of gold in the Poker Zoo’s catalogue.



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