The Poker Zoo, Ep. 35: Joe Offsuit and PPPoker

This week on the Zoo, a busy poster in the TBR forums joins us, the one and only Joe Offsuit. Completely dedicated to playing in our deepstack practice game, Joey records all the action and often posts up to ten hands from the game for discussion. Joe isn’t just a poker player, but a true edge gambler – I’ve sat with him and watched him beat the house myself. We talk about his gambling interest, travels, and writing, then get into some hands from the game. Joe also wins a beer from me when I stumble over a fold equity question. D’oh!

Joe’s Travel writing:

Family trip report

Solo Trip (December 2018)

Family Lake Tahoe Trip (plus Reno, Seattle, and Sacramento)

Solo Trip (June 2019 Red Chip Meetup)

Atlantis/Paradise Island Family Trip (Plus Universal Orlando) 

Hand 1

7-handed 0.10/0.20 NL on PPPoker
TBR members of interest:
UTG: Ah Th
CO: As Ac
$30 effective stacks (150 BB) between the two TBR members of interest.

UTG raise to 0.60
LJ fold
HJ fold
CO raise to 1.80
BU fold
SB fold
BB fold
UTG call 1.20
Pot 3.90 (SPR~7.2)

Flop: Jd 6h Qh
UTG check
CO bet 2.60
UTG call 2.60
Pot 9.10 (SPR~2.8)

Turn: 9d
UTG check
CO bet 7.01
UTG call 7.01
Pot 23.12 (SPR~0.8)

River: 7h
UTG bet 18.59 (effective)
HJ call 18.59

Hand 2

8-handed 0.10/0.20 NL on PPPoker
TBR members of interest:
SB: Ts Tc
HJ: Ah Th
$100 effective stacks (500 BB) between the two TBR members of interest.

UTG raise to 0.60
LJ fold
HJ raise to 2.00
CO fold
BU fold
SB raise to 8.00
BB fold
UTG fold
HJ call 6.00
Pot: 16.80 (SPR~5.5)

Flop: 2d Qs 3h
SB bet 5.60
HJ call 5.60
Pot 28.00 (SPR~3.1)

Turn: 8h
SB bet 18.66
HJ raise to 86.40 (effective)
SB call 67.74

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  1. Great episode with Joe this week.

    I’ve known Joe for a few years now, have taken some trips with him and can confirm this guy knows how to find edges.

    As far as dropping him off in Vegas with $50? Well, I’m not sure if he’s being coy when he says he couldn’t make it work in 2019. But I am sure that if you dropped off a newbie, someone who has never created an identity in Vegas, Joe could guide them into an extended stay of comps, bonuses, and a multitude of hidden perks that Vegas would rather you not know about.

    Heck… if the newbie could remain sober long enough, they could even enjoy an introduction to the wheres, whys and hows of maximizing edges at the video poker and table games.

    The advanced course involves waking up early to shoot pics of multitudes of video screens of various pay tables and sort them by type, location, etc… You may even learn to troll a local whale who, with the assistance of casino management, ensures that no one else play on “his” machine. It’s not for the weak….

    And yet again, Chris blows us all away with his style of breaking down a hand history. Too bad about the bet though. (pssst… Joe…)


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