Home at last, and cozily back at the Village as well, getting my feet wet after a long vacation.  The action is good, so perhaps that is why the dealer is surprised that I am leaving.  I can only tell her that there is more to life than poker.  In any case, rest is important and a much bigger game looms in less than eighteen hours.

Besides, when is it not like this at the Village?  Maybe afternoons, in those games sponsored by the social security administration and cranky spouses.  Tonight I have put in multiple three bets and semibluffs, but the action is so comparatively heavy that when I rack up my earn, one clueless soul says dismissively, “he didn’t play any hands anyway.”

It’s funny, of course, but it’s more serious than that.  One fellow, constantly and contradictorily incredulous at the hands that show up at showdown, comments that when someone raises, everyone folds.  I find it hard to believe we are even observing the same game, but maybe everything looks different from across the table.

No one pays attention.

In one amusing pot, a harmless player opens to 12x from EP, his biggest raise of the night, gets flatted, absurdly, by Incredulous next to act, and by a blind as well.  On an Axxcc flop, Harmless continues haplessly 25 into 180, gets snap raised nearly pot by Incredulous, then the blind check raises all in.  Harmless naturally folds his underpair (ace magnets, grrr!), and Incredulous calls with an equal stack.  It’s Incredulous’ ace vs the overcaller’s naked flush draw in a classic Village scrape. When the clubs show up, Incredulous angrily disposes of his AJo, not understanding how someone could call the PFR with suited cards.  Who would call a 12x raise, he fumes incredulously.

Welcome back, me.

3 thoughts on “Subjectivity

  1. Welcome back home! How often are x/r like that semi-bluffs at the village? Do you think there was any fold equity for this player? If not, is the correct name for that play just “the semi” or is more needed? What root word would be appropriate for the accurate prefix?

  2. Thanks! Fairly often that action will be a flush draw, but in this case it really wasn’t a semi-bluff or any kind of bluff, more of a shove to realize equity, or in less fancy terms, gamblin’. There was very little money behind and Incredulous’ action made his intention to stack off clear. It’s basically just a breakeven ship against a one pair hand and a losing one if some outs are dirty. “The Semi-Barf” is probably close enough.

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