Take The Mystery Out Of Solver Use!

Are you frustrated with your solver study?

Still struggling with how to use the solver correctly?

Are results too complicated to implement in real time?

Poker coach Greg Porter has developed a process using the scientific method to hypothesize, test, and learn from the solver, rather than using it to duplicate or check lines against.

Introducing Scientific Poker Strategy

Porter introduced Scientific Poker Strategy during this Poker Zoo Episode as well as producing the video on the right where he provides an excellent, up to date introduction to GTO+

You can also download a Prospectus / Outline of the course for more in depth information.

Following are some of the attendees and student reactions…

"In a nutshell, this was an eye-opening Webinar for me, turning what was a theoretical application into a practical one. So kudos to you both!"
Mannes N.
"Some coaches may try teaching without knowing what their student requires...providing the what without the why.

This wasn't the case for Porter."
Troy H

I play poker professionally and over the past few years have made tremendous improvements through my studies using modern poker software tools.   Over that time I’ve also considerably improved and refined my methods for studying, becoming much more efficient and productive.

This recorded webinar is approximately 2 hours where I present a streamlined approach for studying and will allow you to formulate an effective, easy to implement strategy using GTO+ and Flopzilla Pro”


Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Introduction to Game Theory
  • Quickstart your learning curve for GTO+ and Flopzilla Pro
  • Describing the Solver’s Process
  • Exploring and Interpreting Solutions
  • Develop a Scientific Poker Strategy
  • Process for Study and Strategy

You’ll also receive a transcript of the webinar as well as all GTO+ files Porter presents for review.


You can purchase using the link below for instant access to the recording and all study files.



Click on Scientific Poker Strategy to access your course after purchase

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