Poker Zoo 72: Michael Lukich’s Solver School

On the cusp of a new year, new ventures. One is returning guest Michael Lukich’s two-pronged effort to improve your game through better solver and data study, Solver School. It’s still in creation, but Michael has burned the ships: we find out that he has quit his day job and is committed to poker and poker consultation. The question I ask him is, in a now crowded […]

The Poker Zoo, Ep. 44: Lukich Out Loud

Micheal Lukich returns to the Zoo, and a lot has changed for him. Michael is playing bigger, winning more, and has come into his own as a participant in the poker community. For the student of the game, he has created a poker learning website worth looking at. He’s made public appearances on the controversial Solve For Why show Poker Out Loud. Michael is a data guy […]

The (Poker) Zoo, Ep. 10: Lukich

Michael Lukich, new member of the The Back Room, has a strongly rejuvenated interest in poker. We talk about his path, his coming attendance at the S4Y Academy, but most of all, his first video for TBR, Flop Characteristics and their Effect on EV. There are many flop simplification analyses and efforts in poker circles but Michael’s particular work to detangle value from noise and find some […]