PZ 87: Enrico Camosci’s Tournament Focus

enrico camosci by danny maxwell

The poker world loves tournaments in the 2020’s. Online, tournament culture is vital and MTT-heavy while cash game action stalls. GG has challenged Pokerstars with huge tournaments series. U.S.-facing ACR continues to thrive. As for the live scene, everyone is amazed at the action, with WSOP and WPT now vying almost non-stop for your dollars; did I see they were bringing back the NAPT? I give in. Today we talk with one of the best in tournament poker, Enrico Camosci, and hear what it takes to rise to the top of the MTT food chain.

Enrico has had a huge 202o’s so far, with an online bracelet and multiple big results, leaving him with about $2.5 million in online wins. In Spring he took third for a massive score at the EPT Monte Carlo high roller; maybe that’s why he’s even started to scale back the grind and hang with the live whales.

Despite his success, the only way you may know him is that Enrico was the televised victim of a curious slow roll that got a little attention in 2021. Not really sure what Sam Grafton is thinking here.

In this interview I didn’t focus on results and trophies too much, but process. I wanted to hear how Enrico got to the top of the (specifically Euro) MTT world, and so I asked a lot of questions about what he does. In general, it sounds like an intense dive into specific spots but also returning to the spot later, in cyclical fashion, is his studying and coaching key. It’s certainly true that two weeks on a single board BU V BB is going to yield a lot of fruit, for instance, but you must also come back to it to truly own the knowledge.

I’m thinking he’s doing it right. If I study like him, can I be a thirty-year old vacationing in Paris, tired from beating the games in Monte Carlo? Definitely.

Once a novelty, there is now even a school of thought that tournaments have more complexity than cash games; with changing stacks, levels, and tougher competition, I think they may be right. Hope you enjoy my first chat with Enrico. You can find him on Insta, and also contact him at his in-development coaching site, MTTgod.

2 thoughts on “PZ 87: Enrico Camosci’s Tournament Focus

  1. Camosci is a super intelligent individual who we should see dominating high rollers for years to come. I wonder though, what hope we – The underserved USA players – can derive from his experiences.
    – Black Friday effectively removed us from the online market, greatly diminishing the USA-based skillset;
    – The live tournament scene, while growing in leaps and bounds, is limited to certain locales – namely Nevada, California, Florida. If you don’t live in one of those states and are not a traveling pro, good luck in finding sufficient and consistent volume.
    We really and badly need Federal online legislation, and barring that, advances in state by state initiatives. The state of play in my home state of Washington is beyond laughable.

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