PZ 81: Family Business

family business

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! For our final episode of 2022, Dean and I talk shop and how it’s going for him. We discuss poker swings, education, and the unpleasant, hard reason why some players succeed while others keep running in place.

The conversation branches off into the plan, or lack of, for the Poker Zoo. Oops, letting the outsiders know what we’re thinking.

Then, Dean interrogates me over what’s behind my return to poker writing. Has the new stuff changed in tone from the old? Here’s a bit from Here and Back Again:

So, instead of focusing on relationships, I have been determined to ride it and my mission here out, to lie in my bed like the cinema nouveau Samurai, rising only to carry out my task before returning to the literal darkness of my dwelling. I’d also hoped to leave sometime soon, to not commit, and that half-measure has influenced me, but a feeling has been coming over me that my life elsewhere is over. I dream constantly of my past, of my home, my friends and enemies, not as if beckoning a happy return but as if they have been sublimated into the challenges of the present. I almost fear sleep, knowing it comes at the cost of nightmares and memories I’d rather forget. It sometimes seems that I am always awake, always sore, and always tired.

We went over some of the Sahara game experience on this episode, you can compare it to this talk with Dean from 2021.

We close with a couple fun hands from Dean’s cash games.

2/5 8 handed $900 eff

3 (1000) b20/c
4 c/f
6 (900) r115 KKhd

(260) 985ccs

3 (885) x/c
6 (785) b85

(430) Jd

3 x
6 x

(430) 4s

3 (800) b175
6 (700) c
1/2 8 handed $300 eff

3 limps to me

1 (300) 1/r31
7 (450) c/c
8 (400) r15/c AQdc

(99) Q78hhd

1 (270) b25
7 (420) c
8 (370) c

(174) Qs

1 (245) b80
7 (395) c
8 (345) c

(414) 5s

1 (165) x/shove
7 (315) x/f
8 (265) b125/c

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  1. This was a good one. Some of that classic strategy conversation boiled down to digestable Persuadeo nuggets. Btw, I was also enjoying the novel in progress back when it was being written.

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