Poker Zoo 75: That New Pro Life, with Nate Serisky

Vagabond vet DGAF called him “Tom Brady Jr.” but in reality, the story is more interesting than just always getting there at the right time. Las Vegas live pro Nate Serisky takes us through his year – well, not of living dangerously exactly, as he’s on stake and decent with money management – but of truly being a poker player and making it happen in a pool that has drowned many dreams. We go through Nate’s hot start in the city of sin, his far cooler runnings for much of 2021, and then at last finding his rhythm again among the curious Resorts World crew during the WSOP.

The real life of a cash game player involves downswings and breaking even for long stretches. For this reason, Nate goes in depth about mental game, sharing some beneficial guidance from Chris Konvalinka, an earlier Zoo guest who has handled notable bankroll trials with grace. The always-underrated importance of having a community comes up during our talk. (Are there really any lone wolves left out there? Let me know.)

Nate mentioned two types of tilt; Tendler in fact defines seven in The Mental Game of Poker:

Seven Types of Tilt
The following list briefly describes the most common types of tilt:

Running Bad Tilt: The tilt that’s caused by a run of bad cards is not actually a
unique type of tilt. Instead, one (or more) of the other types of tilt happens so
frequently in such a short amount of time that your mind can’t reset itself before
the next time you play. As a result, tilt builds up and hangs over your head like a
dark cloud.

Injustice Tilt: Bad beats, coolers, and suck-outs are prime examples of triggers
that make you feel cursed and make poker feel unfair.

Hate-losing Tilt: Many players hate losing even though they realize how much
variance impacts results in the short run. Wanting to win is not the problem—the
problem is how you handle the inevitable losses.

Mistake Tilt: Making mistakes is frustrating for many logical reasons; these
reasons just happen to be flawed because of inaccurate views about learning.

Entitlement Tilt: Classic Phil Hellmuth tilt is caused by believing that you
deserve to win for X, Y, or Z reason. Winning is a possession and you tilt when
someone undeserving takes it from you.

Revenge Tilt: Disrespect, constant aggressive action, and opponents thinking
they’re better than you are just a few of the reasons why you seek vengeance at
the table.

Desperation Tilt: The urge to win your money back and get unstuck is so strong,
it makes you play monster sessions, force the action, and jump up in stakes.

We close by going through an interesting hand where a goofy non-new-pro puts Nate in a spot.

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  1. It seems cool to the poker community that your podcast covers players of ages across the spectrum, bravo to the Poker Zoo. I had to set my cognitive bias toward lennials aside, so I decided to listen to the first about ten minutes, then accommodate my patience or lack of it. Anyway, Nate came across as a humble and likable young man, and I listened to and enjoyed the entire podcast.

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