Poker Zoo 73: Hustler Shaun

Today we go behind the scenes and talk to Shaun Yaple, General Manager of the Hustler Casino in Gardena, California. I find out what it takes to run a card room and where does poker fits in. We discuss the unusual ecosystem of L.A. Poker, including some advice for all struggling card rooms and poker rooms. Shaun also tells us about the origin of the freshly popular Hustler Casino Live, L.A. poker’s newest live stream.

For more industry talk, here’s Poker Room Manager Steven Pique on the Zoo.

I used to play here a couple of nights a week. I move since then so don’t get back anywhere near as often. They hosted a Meet Up Game (aka MUG) by Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen of YouTube fame. I don’t know how many people showed up but there were at least 15 full MUG tables that I could see with a number of people waiting for a seat.
They have cleaned up the place since I was last there. Parking is the same (mostly free with some reserved for premier players), they used to have valet but I think with the pandemic has but that on pause.
It’s a nice sized room but also one of the smaller poker rooms in the LA market. So, if you are relatively new to playing live poker, this would be a good place to start. They have all levels, from $1/$3 to pretty darn high limits. If you are looking for a specific type / dollar size game, I’m recommend calling in advance.

-elite Yelper “Glen” offers his thoughts

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