PZ 70: Dean Escapes Death, Gambling Ensues

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It’s time to reach across the country and check in with Poker Zoo co-host Dean Martin, who lives and plays on the other side of the garbage heap. How did Dean (and Mrs. Dean) get through the ‘rona and what is he up to now?

More from Dean and Persuadeo on learning poker.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel, since the recording was made, the December 16th meetup game. 

Hand #1

2/5 500 eff, 8 handed.

Table just opened – 2nd or 3rd hand of the day.

Straddle 15, 3 callers, I’m on the BU and decide it’s a good spot to attack since everyone is still getting settled in. I r85 with 84dd

BB is a player who thinks I’m FOS about half the time shoves 500 ai. Folds back to me. I assume I only have 20% equity against his range but as a meta strategy don’t want to appear weak by folding. Plus I have the whole session to rebound.

Board runs out J374Q

He says, I’m sure you won, what do you have? I look several times and finally show my hand and say – “I have a 4?” He shows AKo and the table goes crazy.

#2 [sic]

2/5 1100 eff. 8 handed 3 limps to BU (25 yr old Asian male who likes to bet) r20, SB calls (mid 20’s white male who’s been calling everything), I r105 with 78ss, they both call.

(330) 654hhs SB checks, I look at the Asian kid and say, “I know that hit your range so I’m just going to check”, he bets 75, SB calls, I call and say “I need a queen.”

(555) Qd everyone laughs. SB x/c BB “I guess I need to bet my card” b300 BU calls More BS from me “Now I need an Ace”

(1455) Ad SB says “All In” and shoves his remaining 1150 BB only started with 1100 so shoves his 600 or so.

dOf course I call. Asian kids says “I was bluffing”, BB turns over A8 and I win a nice 4300 pot

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