Poker Zoo 66: The Sahara Game, Dean’s Game, the Learning Game

A special episode as the two co-hosts talk together for the first time in a while. Dean starts by getting all the details on the deep stack cash game I started at the Sahara Las Vegas in January. Dean brings up one of the most important questions that can be asked in the poker training field: why is it that so many players get so much help but see so little progress? Then, with a little segue magic, Persuadeo moves to old-fashioned hand analysis in order to help Dean get out of a break-even stretch in his live games. Sometimes, what is most basic is also the most advanced.

As it happens, I’ve been away from Vegas for a few weeks and left the games in the hands of the Lounge Lizard and Regular K, and they’ve done a yeoman’s job. However, I’m back this Thursday, June 17th and it’s time to get in the action. Lock up a seat here or just ping me through any channel. Also, be sure to download Poker Atlas.

One factual error from the pod: there was a night I attempted to run the PLO game but it did not in April.

And a special note: The main purpose of my move to Vegas isn’t the game – it’s getting involved in the intersection of food and poker with the Lounge Lizard, who is a talented chef between projects. If you like great food and want to experience or build with us, this is a sign to look me up.

Straddle, call, r40 99, sb calls, straddle calls, mp call
AA6. Chk to me, b45, c, f, f1/3 400 eff.

3 limps i open A7dd to 20 in CO, Btn & SB call

(70) A86scc
1 (400) x/c
7 (480) b25
8 (800) c

(145) 8d
1 x/r260
7 b115/f
8 c/c

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3 thoughts on “Poker Zoo 66: The Sahara Game, Dean’s Game, the Learning Game

  1. Persuadeo: That you for playing the PC police in this podcast. Just like you have a pet peeve about people raising limpers and thinking they are opening the action, mine are these pervasive player stereotypes. Forget the fact that many are blatantly racist or sexist (see Caro Book Of Tells pg 46), relying on them rather than observing player styles is lazy and long term -EV IMO. But what do I know, I just want to gamble…(pg46)

  2. Now to poker. The two hands reviewed really stress the difficulties playing MW pots. As you stated, a lot of the study we do off the felt revolves around heads up play, which is increasing rare at the lower stakes. Vol is a constant companion and we have to accept it. As an example, my June was abysmal, but I have made up 80% of my June loss in two sessions in July. The questionable play really does cut both ways. I was late to the party, but I am fully on board with these smaller pre flop raising sizes, as well smaller C Bets. But these smaller bets encourage aggression by many of these lower stakes players, and once again places a premium on hand reading.

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