Poker Dad on the WSOP

Editor’s note: Poker Dad answers your questions whenever he gets free.


Dear Poker Dad,

I’m headed to the WSOP and my package isn’t filled yet at 1.25. Should I find more buyers at closer to cost or hang on?

Hold Dear or Sell Cheap



There’s nothing like being sure you’ve got what you need. Wrap up the current sales and bargain basement the rest. Consider swaps. Also look online for offers you wouldn’t normally expect from gamblers and staking ops. Since I got back to my cell there’s been so much attention and things are happening. You can take advantage of that.


Dear Poker Dad,

So I was getting close to the money in this donkfest when a loose player just open shoved 20 bbs and another active player raised all in for 50. I had AQo – is that still a standard fold?

Get Thin or Go Home?


I call AQ Walking Out the Door because the nurse who smokes leaves it open because whenever I gamble in that spot it just don’t work out. Here I am after Chris finally took me back to the woman who looked like my wife. She was in my home! But I need my medicine, my watch, my glasses and getting it in with AQ is not going to happen while I watch the news. Live and learn.


Dear Poker Dad,

In a mystery bounty do I want to take risks for a big stack or just get to the bounty portion?

No Whammies

Dear NW,

Life is like a mystery bounty, mostly you’re watching other people get visits from family. When I was in the Pacific and we had downtime we’d play a card game called Downtown Stud, where half the pot after 5th street was pulled for an extra jackpot game, mostly bills and some cigarettes. The night before we got sent to Guadalcanal, San Francisco Jimmy took down the bonus pot. He went home in a box. We wrote a really nice letter to his new wife, dropped it in the coffin with the bills but kept the cigarettes.


Dear Poker Dad,

I’m big on split pot games but have no tourney experience. Should I play in the WSOP 08 and Stud8 events? The Bomb Pot one?

Chop it Up

Dear CIU,

You might have to approach the game a little differently, you’re not going to be able to gamble for scoops or see all the cards in the freezeout. I didn’t want to be left outside, and this guy who looked like my son Chris thought I should want to be outside, but I don’t think so. I was like, what? Who are you? I have my things here and you can’t buy in and just expect to have everything work out. You have to have a routine.

Dear Poker Dad,

I lent a dude some buy-ins last year and he flaked, but I expect to see him at the WSOP. How do I handle it and get paid?

Need cash not revenge

Dear NCNR,

You don’t want to involve the police, handle it yourself. Ask for just a little, not all of it. Then keep that up. When the police come, you don’t know who is going to get punished. I don’t even think arresting that person who looked like my son Chris really helped. And now I’m wondering if I was supposed to play it cool like you. I could have stayed in the car. I don’t think the backdoor opens anymore and that nurse who smokes is gone, I think. She looks like someone’s wife but I don’t think she smokes. It’s a lonely game, poker. Maybe he needed the money, maybe you don’t have to hurt him or lock me up. Or lock any of us up.

Dear Poker Dad,

My plans and funds for the series are solid except for lodgings. What’s your advice?

Last minute digs

Dear LMD,

When you’re on the road, you want to always save money but spend just one level up. Like choose the Rita Suites on Desert Inn and not Seigel, you know what I mean? Lodgings matter, LMD. When I look around I want to feel like everything makes sense, I’m ready to play my best. Things have to be clean, and not disappear. I think they took my watch. I know they took my glasses. I try to keep two different pairs ready but they look exactly alike and it can be hard to find them. I need to complain, to talk to someone. I want to call Chris but I don’t have his number, or my home number. This is not home, I think. He might be far away and not want to see me, I don’t think he comes anymore. Nothing is in order here, which is my fault, but at least there are no more sirens. I want to wish you good luck LMD but I need my glasses to wish you good luck. They were stolen and I don’t know who to tell and I don’t know anyone here.


Editor’s note: Good news, Poker Dad has been safely returned to Memory Care and won’t bother you any further.

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