trip reports

Colossus Freeroll

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Thanks to Red Chip Poker I have bumped up my flight to Vegas from a flight accommodating a short family visit and a concurrent $1000 NL paper chase, to a free lotto ticket in the so-called Colossus reentry marathon beginning May 29.  The four starting flights of this inaugural tourney will be spread over two busy days without dinner breaks, with felted players allowed entry into any […]


Gargamel, part I

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It’s not exactly The Professor, the Banker and friends, but the Village does have its scions, the upstanding winners who funnel money from the dollar store bad, software good games.  There aren’t many.  The Smurfs love, to speak technically, to realize their equity, and so they trade chips back and forth in a kind of raked pyramid scheme, a game of poker hot potato where winning might […]


It Takes a Village

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“I’m all in.”  The Pedo’s tone was soft.  The board read 8h7d2h4c.  I had three bet the somewhat mindless UTG player with nines, and Pedo, ever hopeful, ready to gamble and more concerned with his rambling sports betting conversation, had carelessly overcalled, inquiring about the amount later, inducing Runhot Guy in the corner to call, along with the original raiser, who looked to have a big ace […]


First Hand

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It has been exactly one year since I turned in my resignation, with expectation and fear, to my stooped and broken employer. This man, a wreck of charisma, ambition, paranoia, and dietary oblivion, had been one of a few strong reasons I had stayed, myself an overripe, bored, and mostly useless symbol of past organizational victories.  He was, if not a friend, an ally, and I sympathized […]