New Versus Old

Late night short handed.

I open KQ, and another short stack calls out of the blinds, which he really shouldn’t be doing.  However, he looks like a newb, thin and nervous, like a recent college grad who has his first real paycheck to burn.

Flop is Q76 rainbow.  He checks to me, and this guy will normally not have anything to call with here, but I have to try, so I make a bet.

He check raises me very small.  I can’t believe this endless shit.

Old me, 2012.  He’s got a monster.  I fold.

New me, 2015.  Let’s think about this.  A guy like this will not check raise the set so quickly.  He doesn’t want to lose me.  He doesn’t even have 76 other than the suited variety that often, and he certainly doesn’t have a weirder two pair. Further, two pair from weaklings usually gets raised YUGE ’cause they’re scared.  Or they do something trippy like min raise. Have I detected a queen finding out where it is at?  A brave bluff?  Does he put me “on AK, bro?”

Now there are some draws.  87s looks awfully good to a newb, even with only 60 bbs.  He’s not raising on the come without a flush draw, the universal permission to semibluff hand.  This guy has a queen.

But what queen.  If he has AQ, wouldn’t he reraise pre?   Answer: No.  Home gamer, 1/3 player on a spree, against my UTG open, even shorthanded, he’s not going to know what to do other than call.  But there are other queens, and even though there are more AQs than KQ, his hand really, really, looks like KQ with the flat.  If he has AQ, doesn’t he want to trap my KQ?  What does he do with QJ?

I rip it in to fold out his KQ sometimes, sometimes get value from worse, sometimes lose.  It’s big boy poker.  There are players who will fold AQ here. To my relief he’s in agony.

Honestly, though, it’s a pretty thin. But that’s me.  2015, baby.

Thin lines. Thin bets.  Thin hair.

After a long time, squirming and upset that his night at the pokaz might be over, he calls.  I flip over KQ.

He turns over AQ and lets out a YUGE sigh of relief.  He starts blubbering to himself and maybe others.  He doesn’t know. He’s nearly ready to have a bowel movement.

Hurray 2015.

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