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There I was, watching videos of cats, tasteful interracial porn and Phil Galfond, you know, a normal day at the screen, learning how to value bet, supporting centrist politicians against the literal Nazis in power and making sure that new, clean nuclear reactor is built in a less important state, when I came upon this terrifying tweet.

Oh. My. God. Where were you when Steven Braddip shot down 6,000 impoverished country music fans from his NRA-sponsored gun nest at Mandela Bay? I remember being at a plant-based ice cream bar in Summerlin right below my second condo. (I just hate evicting tenants, don’t you? I really am too empathetic – it was extra difficult because my tenant is also my plantcreamtender!)

Unbelievable news, really shocking. I had to order more Honeydew Seaweed Cashew just to control my rage and despair.

And what has changed? How can there still be guns in 2023? How can there be so much hate in the world? Why can’t the Crimea and Ukraine come to terms?

Mr. Brokefish, take down your tasteless joke. Why, if we can’t keep things we don’t like out of the public sphere, I don’t know how we will end the dangerous polarization of our society where people are generously permitted to make terrible jokes and have foolish views.

Reasonable people can disagree to agree, of course, but what’s really important that we come together and make sure the bad people on the wrong side of history ultimately don’t participate in public life, so that we can heal the nation during this most horrible time, here at the end of capitalism when commerce increasingly controls everything.

Also, could someone be sure to let me know if he pulled the tweet? Since I reported and blocked him, I can’t seem to see his social media and do the diligent policing of humor and opinions that a healthy society requires.

(You know, it occurs to me, that if we finally block all the baddies – bear with me here, I know this is unlikely – what happens if they say something important that we might need to hear? Yeah, I know, weird thought, but I’ve always been a thinker.)

Even Elon gets it now! SMH. There just has to be a better way!

Thank god AI is soon going to solve so many problematic people for us!

Meanwhile, let’s be Vegas Strong, together, in the face of outrageous, lame jokes from obscure social media accounts.

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  1. I’m so offended by people that want to shut down other opinions, that I think their opinions should be shut down. I’m just joking, so don’t cancel me bruh.

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