After such a crucial session as my Columbus Day, to go and hang with the clowns at a smaller game full of high hand chasers and bingo card screamers only to get bamboozled is deflating.  In one hand that sums up my day and my second half of 2015 as well, an action player four bets all in with queen high.  I make the call with AK and lose.  However, when he is explaining himself to the table, in that unique, casual tone of faux indifference mated with presumed, false authority, one favored by sports reporters and politicians, he says, “I was doubling up or going home.”

Then he racks up with my money and leaves anyway.

Why so serious?

Indeed. I just deleted a few paragraphs of whinging masked as commentary, and instead of complaining I will a draw a joker face later, which will be soothing.

In any case, it’s Friday, time for big action.  Good luck to all who are running bad. I will give a special blessing to anyone who posts in the comment section. Let’s go and beat queen high!


8 thoughts on “Jokers

  1. Goddess Variance, great Mistress of the Game, bless Gargamel in his hunting of the Smurfs. Look with favor upon his flips, and guide him to folding where others would not fold against him. Amen.

  2. In between tournaments at the WSOP circuit. Here’s to hoping the Goddess grants me her favor the second time through…

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