Introduction to GTO+

You – future winning player – will need or want a solver at some point. If you already know why, I don’t have to tell you what an amazing a tool it is. A palantir, one noted poker coach calls it: that should tell you something. Even if you are the most exploitative-minded player there is, don’t you also want to look at just how awesome your strategy is, or even improve upon it? Yet, that’s not why I’m offering this introduction to GTO+.

I’m sharing this video and information about Greg Porter’s upcoming Scientific Poker Strategy webinar because few use the damn thing effectively at all.

Some of us don’t even know where to start, and so the solver sits in the file folder with all those other programs they bought. (Combonator, anyone?) Or maybe they just drop some ranges in, pick a board, let ‘er rip, thinking that looking at all the colors and number just taught them something.

Now, GTO+ is not the only solver available. However, it’s inexpensive and works together with Flopzilla – so many of you are already closer to using GTO+ than you know.

So what do you do with this tool?

That’s precisely the question Porter will be answering on March 21st at 11 a.m. PST.

As a student of the game, you learn new ideas and encounter novel situations, but it’s challenging to formulate a coherent strategy and adapt dynamically. Perhaps you’re familiar with or at least aware of modern poker tools like solvers, but aren’t sure where to start, can’t interpret their output, or use them unproductively. It’s important to study efficiently and effectively so you can have more time to play and play your best.

I’ll present a streamlined approach for studying and refining your knowledge to formulate an effective strategy you can implement, using GTO+ and Flopzilla Pro. Topics covered include:

    • Intro to Game Theory
    • Using GTO+ and Flopzilla Pro
    • The Solver’s Process
    • Exploring and Interpreting Solutions
    • Scientific Poker Strategy
    • Process for Study and Strategy

Following the presentation, you can download the video and a transcript of the webinar, as well as all GTO+ files I present for review.

Questions here are welcome or you can contact me at To attend, please send $225 via PayPal to (or contact me about alternative payment methods).

Greg is my poker coaching partner. He’s studied with me, Andrew Brokos, Alvin Lau, and at the Solve For Why Academy. I trust him more than any other player in the TBR community or any other community I am familiar with to present this information to you objectively and with an eye toward the unimpeded future of a player’s game.

This is it, the moment to dive in.

Contact Greg or me on any channel to take advantage of this.

Good luck and be safe.

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