Inspiration Cost

out of position,

There is nothing like a difficult run to inspire new thoughts.  The lesson of runbad is always to play better, even if it is immediately not evident.  The other lesson is to focus on other projects, and this weekend, lonely labor days of writing and contemplation, has yielded incredible fruit.  The screenplay, which I was beginning to fear was dying undiagnosed, is suddenly filled with new scenes, great dialogue, and a beautiful ending.  The once terminal plot problem is half-wrestled, which is pure oxygen for me and it at this point.

If I had to pay for a weekend like this, how much would I have been willing to spend?  A six figure downswing?  It’s possible.

Cool hand I played.  Villain, even looser than I thought he was, shows up with a float that picked up hearts, and wins.

Fair trade.


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