GTO Lion’ Responds

It’s come to the attention of the GTO Lion’ family that a player was recently accused of glancing at an open window of our lead product in the midst of a poker decision at the Endboss Cardroom and BBQ Pita Pit in Midcougerlove, California.

As founder and president of GTO Lion’, I, Tauntvilas Europhunkis, want to take this moment to unequivocally condemn the use of any solver or solver database during a hand.

Proper and suggested use of GTO Lion’ and all other Real Time Assistance products includes review before and after hands, any time during other players playing hands, or by your team of players. Consider having GTO Lion’ available before a key live tournament decision. Or maybe when you’re facing that big bet online and have a nice time-bank saved.

So, the lines are absolutely clear and there should be no difficulty in implementing GTO Lion’ and other RTA software in a fair and ethical manner.

Why would we lie about this?

In fact, I’d like to take this moment to push back against any sentiment that creating and distributing immediately accessible game theory optimal strategy has anything to do with the incident at the Endboss or any related incident. As part of a network that consistently creates newer and faster poker products, tweets strategy nonstop, and distributes free long-form tactical content, no one can be prouder of our place in a healthy, sustainable poker community.

And of course, for the last time, Tigger here has no history whatsoever of eating any bankrolls or players, as was often predicted! Our lion is under perfect control.

So, let’s put all these concerns to rest and get back to business as usual.The future looks bright for you and GTO Lion’.

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