DIY Emptor

bettering men

So you want a better poker awards show, one that reflects the whole community top to bottom. Why are you waiting for the GPI to do it? Why all this pressure on Eric Danis, who does a great job and without complaint in promoting the live poker tournament industry?

Let’s start there. Have you ever wondered why he does it without complaint?

Because he is business management, and you are the consumer.

In other words, the GPI Awards is a tournament industry awards show. Hello? The cut of a plastic trophy gets equal footing to an entire book on poker.

Do you get it yet? No? Okay, let’s take a look at your ideas.

Your thousand tweaks are just the customer thinking he’s right on everything.

To find a solution is to first identify the problem, not talking in circles.

So, where’s your awards show, Poker Player’s Alliance? Where’s your show, Poker Player’s Union?

Ohhhhhhh. Huh.

Still, the opportunity is there for those who care: DIY.

Or celebrate the real winners of poker – management, its various co-adopters, and tournament industry cheerleaders (tell me I don’t have to explain this one) – with a little more grace.

It’s just one night of truth, after all. Why is that so hard for you? And you get to wear a dress!

Well, many of you don’t even know your own industry!

And Eric throws you lots of bones! (They know you well, don’t they?) Content creators, whee! Hey, this person had some bangin’ tweets, a sticker for you, little fellow!

We’ll fit you all in somewhere. Don’t worry sir, a server is coming soon!

To understand the world, the first step is to realize it does not revolve around you.

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