Declining Profits

“It’s absolutely clear to me that these new rules will be better for everyone!”

Mark was adamant. The table was mostly silent.

“You always think you know what is best for everyone,” Randy told him, getting a bit impatient and getting out of his seat. After all we’d heard their fights before.

This time, though, Randy went on. “How many times have your stupid ideas ruined things, driven away the fish, stopped the action?”

Mark paused. “But the rate of profit tends to decline! We have to do something! The ecosystem is disappearing!”

Randy waved a hand. “We’ll just find a new game if that really happens.”

Mark smiled triumphantly. “Kind of my point.”

Randy rolled his eyes and sat back down.

So tiresome, these two. Oh look, ace-jack, time to raise. What could go wrong?

My earbuds were a little loose, so I pushed them into my brain.

More stupid conversations, I thought smugly, and hit the play triangle.

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