The (Poker) Zoo, Ep. 4: Alvin

On the latest Zoo, a discussion with Alvin Lau, who is an influence on member strategy in The Back Room. We talk GTO, its teachings, and the teaching of it. Overnight Monster Alvin’s Youtube Channel

The (Poker) Zoo, Ep. 3: Fausto

This week on the Zoo, Fausto Valdez. Fausto is immersed in poker, and just marked two years in as a professional player.  We discuss his life and challenges, as well as go over a hand he played at the Sands. Fausto Valdez, member of TBR, coach at Red Chip Poker, and Solve For Why acolyte. Fausto…

The (Poker) Zoo, Ep. 2: Luka

Episode 2 of the Zoo features Portland reg Luka Vitasovic. His story is a West Coast one, taking him from where Ed Miller got his start in South Seattle’s Muckleshoot Casino, through the dregs of low-stakes, high-rake California games, to the under-appreciated poker scene of Portland, Oregon. Luka shares with us about his many coaching experiences,…

The (Poker) Zoo, Ep. 1: Porter

For once I can keep this short. OOP: The (Poker) Zoo is a podcast I’ll be developing with Dean Martin and the rest of The Back Room.  There’s quite a few podcasts out there, so why listen to this one? Well perfect, maybe you shouldn’t. The Zoo is, above all, for and about members of…

OOP Training Games Schedule

Monday $22 SNG

Wednesday 500 bb NL20

Thursday 100 bb NL20 & $22 SNG

Sunday 500 bb NL20

Seating opens at 5 pm PST for all games.