The (Poker) Zoo, Ep. 12: Bruce

Bruce is a Sacramento area player who has worked with me through a number of courses and privates. We discuss his arrival in poker, why he plays, and his games, chiefly at Stones Gambling Hall. We finish with quite some time handling this multi-way spot and related ideas.   $1/3 $1100 effective with the Villain…

The (Poker) Zoo, Ep. 6: Jason

This week features Jason Burge, who has very actively studied within my coaching circle since the inception of The Back Room, having taken both the Easy Game Group and both Construction courses. Jason has reached the biggest games in his surprisingly active poker home, Detroit. Hand History: 2/5 live, 9 handed, $500 effective. EP, HJ,…

OOP Training Games Schedule

Monday $22 SNG

Wednesday 500 bb NL20

Thursday 100 bb NL20 & $22 SNG

Sunday 500 bb NL20

Seating opens at 5 pm PST for all games.