The Poker Zoo, Ep. 37: Dean

Thank you for making us the fastest Growing Poker Podcast! Merry Christmas to all Zoo listeners! I close the year appropriately by interviewing the true hero of the Poker Zoo podcast, co-host and “announcer guy” Dean Martin. I kick things off with some overdue ranting about the blinkered poker community, then Dean coaxes out some…

Apostlypse Now

TBR vanguard member Jason talks with me about two big events in poker. The first is the Mike Postle scandal at Sacramento’s Stones Gambling Hall, which has dominated poker social media all week. The second, a quieter affair but of equal importance to the future of the game, is Kat Arnsby’s blog post on poker…

OOP Training Games Schedule

Monday $22 SNG

Wednesday 500 bb NL20

Thursday 100 bb NL20 & $22 SNG

Sunday 500 bb NL20

Seating opens at 5 pm PST for all games.