New Versus Old

Late night short handed. I open KQ, and another short stack calls out of the blinds, which he really shouldn’t be doing.  However, he looks like a newb, thin and nervous, like a recent college grad who has his first real paycheck to burn. Flop is Q76 rainbow.  He checks to me, and this guy…

Jet Lag

At the end of another long night of 73o and missed flops at two different limits and three tables, I’m exhausted, worn.  A favorite dealer has asked me what is wrong,  Nothing that can be cured, of course.  I’ve earned a small win painfully after felting a possibly tilting nit, and am ready to leave. With…

OOP Training Games Schedule

Monday $22 SNG

Wednesday 500 bb NL20

Thursday 100 bb NL20 & $22 SNG

Sunday 500 bb NL20

Seating opens at 5 pm PST for all games.