Big O

The home game last night at last was ready to introduce Big O, or five card Omaha high low split.  It quickly replaced plo and hold’em, as the players complained about the lack of action in PLO.  Always a problem!

Unfortunately for me, all my experience in PLO8 came to naught when I was too tired to correctly play my hand at the end and scoop a big pot.  It was late and I was having some trouble reading the board, when I was raised on the river while holding the nut, nonduplicatable high.  I wanted to move all in, not really expecting a fold in most situations, but it is the right play.  However, I kept staring at the board and decided I couldn’t trust myself.  Somehow I am missing something, I kept telling myself, there must be a straight buried in those blurry five cards.

I meekly called expecting to chop, and we did, but it was a disaster.  My opponent held a bad low he had turned into a bluff.  I could have made a 250bb uncallable raise and taken all the equity, folding out his low.

Bed time.

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