Gargamel Rising

Gargamel, wolf in wolf’s clothing, is taking his time.  Playing great poker doesn’t just take time, it eats time.  Poker devours thought, patience, intelligence, guts, math, instinct, discipline.  The table tonight, however, is not accustomed to this slow burn and it is breaking up the rhythm of their evening.  It’s[…]

Job Description

A big win Monday wiped out a week of runbad and more.  What was the key?While I know that it’s important to get into the big game early and not arrive fashionably late with the other sharks, rousing myself to action can be an issue.  It’s easy to lie to myself and[…]

Useless History, part I

Occasionally I go to a third main casino within my pokerosphere, one which has the oldest poker history in my area.  It’s also easily the sleaziest.   In addition to the known hazards of crime, collusion, disgusting people (the revolting mystery of Mr. Foam Lips, anyone?), and chips coated with[…]

big o splits

Big O

The home game last night at last was ready to introduce Big O, or five card Omaha high low split.  It quickly replaced plo and hold’em, as the players complained about the lack of action in PLO.  Always a problem!Unfortunately for me, all my experience in PLO8 came to naught[…]


The pool of winners and losers overlap in many ways, but one of the many traits with which weaker players mark themselves is their instantaneous and natural use of the possessive adjective. It’s not universal by any means- not that readers of this obscure blog will tend to think in[…]

Death Appeal

The smallest game in the room, the entry point for poker, is often the most deadly, dull, and uninviting.  It has the highest proportional rake, the least challenging play, the smallest amount of available money, and most lethally, the most boring people.Tuesday is a slow night in many casinos.  I[…]

Inspiration Cost

There is nothing like a difficult run to inspire new thoughts.  The lesson of runbad is always to play better, even if it is immediately not evident.  The other lesson is to focus on other projects, and this weekend, lonely labor days of writing and contemplation, has yielded incredible fruit.[…]

New Versus Old

Late night short handed.I open KQ, and another short stack calls out of the blinds, which he really shouldn’t be doing.  However, he looks like a newb, thin and nervous, like a recent college grad who has his first real paycheck to burn.Flop is Q76 rainbow.  He checks to me,[…]

Jet Lag

At the end of another long night of 73o and missed flops at two different limits and three tables, I’m exhausted, worn.  A favorite dealer has asked me what is wrong,  Nothing that can be cured, of course.  I’ve earned a small win painfully after felting a possibly tilting nit, and[…]