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Hallo! I’m Gruppencardführer Karl Von Bahdbiett, your friendly Nationalsozialiste card coach! In an effort to more distinctly separate myself from the competition, I want to make sure we’re all clear on what National Socialism is!

–The rise of our Nationalsocialism starts in the Great War (of course, aren’t they all great) and the stab in the back that kept our great German Volk from winning it. We needed a “do over” undzo a lot less Jews, homosexuals and people who like crazy pineapple! Fewer, I mean – I’m becoming a grammar nazi, haha!

This is to be differed from Herren Berkey and Howard’s urgings of going to gyms and the concrete parks and sporting naked about. Mein Gott, the brozen might even say oder do many other thingen you dislike! These behaviors are close, though – danke for noticing!

–Our Hitlerfascimus comes straight from a book! Yes, it’s called Mein Kampf! Available on fine bookstores like Closed Borders everywhere. Our Fuhrer was very concerned about those naughty Poles and Gypsies and decided to get rid of all of them! The Protocols of the Elders was real, he taught us – talk about not protecting your children! Rimfeuer!

Compare this to a very a similar situation in card poker: Just because you have an Asian coach on your training staff or worse, a lazy Dominican, you are not reaching at all the heights of what our Fuhrer taught us. And why do you think Asians are so good at math? Your racism is showing – good for you! Sometimes we really must divide in order to unite, don’t you agree?

Anyways, always happy to leave you with some tips and tricks. And in case you are having trouble getting along with others on the Twitters, take a time out like I do and check out the Wikihow. The drawings are so helpful and fun!

Why look here, this one reminds me of the populace ready to swallow anything, like any crazy, wild idea or accusation!

Aber, it turns out to be just about normal, face-slimming behavior! If only we could slim ourselves of some Slavs like the Russians are doing!

Amirecht? Amirecht! Haha, I am so in the humors today!

Nice! Here’s to a thousand years of cards together. Remember, mix your games, not your peoples!

Tschüss, Karl

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